ST Webinars: Mike Young 2-Part Webinar Series

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WEBINAR 1: Designing Dynamic Warm Ups

WEBINAR 2: Evidence Based Progressions For Plyometrics


Mike Young

Dr. Mike Young is the Director of Performance at Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center, Head Coach of the Athletic Lab Track Club and the Performance Director for the North Carolina Courage. He has 25 years working within the private sector, professional team, and collegiate sports environment as both a Track & Field coach and Strength and Conditioning coach. In the sport of track & field he won 6 team NCAA championships while coaching at LSU. With Athletic Lab Track Club, Young has coached 15 athletes across 11 different events to 32 USATF National Championship appearances including 19 finalists; 5 podium finishes and 4 national champions in addition to 3 World Championship or Olympic Games competitors. In team sports, Young has been the Performance Director for 4 professional soccer clubs that have won a total of 9 championships and is a regular consultant for some of the top sports teams in the world including 4 World Cup Rugby teams and 3 Premier League Soccer clubs. He has prepared dozens of athletes for NFL combine and Pro-Days and is the private coach for over a dozen NBA players.

You can follow him on: 
Twitter @MikeYoung
Instagram @mikeyoungphd
LinkedIn Mike Young
AthleticLab Website Mike Young

We welcome coaches and professionals from different countries and are glad to offer such a learning opportunity and experience to truly learn from the worlds’ best. To learn and prepare for the webinar you can read and listen to some of the interviews, podcasts, and articles done with him:

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Both webinars will be held online, first webinar “Designing Dynamic Warm Ups” will be held on Saturday, 20th of April 2024 at 15:00 CET. Second webinar “Evidence Based Progressions For Plyometrics” will be held on Saturday, 11th of May 2024 at 15:00 CET. Chech out below to make sure you apply and secure your spot in time. We will publish announcements via our FB page SuperTrening and our IG profile @supertrening so follow that to know all the details.

APRIL 20TH 2024 – 15:00-17:00 CET | Mike Young

Webinar I.: “Designing Dynamic Warm Ups”
1. How To Prepare For The Demands Of The Upcoming Session
2. How To Use Warm Ups For Injury Prevention
3. How To Micro-Dose Physical Capacities Through Warm Up

MAY 11TH 2024 – 15:00-17:00 CET | Mike Young

Webinar II.: “Evidence Based Progressions For Plyometrics”
1. Coach Friendly Physics Framework
2. Progressing Plyometrics In Volume, Load And Technical Requirements

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