Program Builder 1.0

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Program Builder 1.0

After 2.5 years of designing, improving, and filming the Program Builder 1.0 is finally here. It is an interactive workbook builder that will help you to create training programs in minutes. You can choose from over 800+ exercises with video links all neatly categorized and set in their own class. It includes:
  • Lower Body Strength & Power Exercises (440)
  • Upper Body Strength & Power Exercises (270)
  • Core & Trunk Exercises (115)

Any time of the purchase you get lifetime updates included. This Builder will be constantly updated and new exercises will be added. You will receive every new update.

The workbook includes 3 sheets of different exercises, exercises are divided into:

  • Equipment Used
  • Exercise Name
  • Link
  • Movement
  • Body Part Included

More than 95% of the exercises have video demonstrations available on our YouTube channel for easy planning and preparation.

Check out the PB in action – how to search for exercises:

How to design a program with PB:


Current version: June 2022 (1.0)