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12-week total physical preparation program for handball

The program includes:

1. Strength & Power Training (4 phases, each 3 week in duration)
2. Speed (3 phases, each 3 week in duration)
3. Energy Systems/Endurance (6 weeks of 2 trainings per week, if needed)
4. Flexibility & Mobility (2 types of flexibility training, 1 mobility training)
5. Warm Up (2 types of warm up)
Programes are based on your playing position:
– Backs
– Wings
– Pivots
– Goalkeepers

For exercise demonstration follow our YT channel or IG profile. Training is at your own risk. SuperTrening or Domen Bremec are not liable or responsible for any injuries that occurred during or after training. With the purchase you accept those terms! The program is suitable for players who are at least 18 years old.

Equipment you will need:
Dumbbells, Bands, Bench, TRX
Barbell, Cable, Medicine Ball (2-6kg) Physio, (Swiss) Ball
Kettlebell, Smith Machine, Box (15-30-45-60cm)
Landmine, Trap Bar, Pull Up Bar

We can also schedule a support videocall to go over the plan in details. You can apply here.

For individual tailored program get in touch.