Sport Science Consulting [Svetovanje]

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Sport science consulting for coaches and sport scientist. We offer creative solutions and help on numerous topics that are directly or indirectly related to sport science, training and strength & conditioning.
We offer:
  1. Excel solutions: database building, data report creation and much more.
  2. Methods & planning consultation: what, why, and how to plan certain phases of a training program with certain athlete in mind.
  3. Biomehcanical analysis and breakdown of movement
  • Who you work with?
  1. We train athletes in real life, every day all year round, so we got “skin in the game”.  Be it in our own gym or at the training ground. Each day is one step further on finding better solutions and answers on how to help striving athletes get better physically and mentally. You can check out our social media and youtube to see for yourself what we do, how we do it and why we can help you get better.
  2. We are all formally educated and experienced in the field of sports, training and sport science. You can find more about us in this section of the website.