6 October 2023


The ultimate tool to help you build programs with videos with ease while keeping the benefits and freedom of MS Excel.

Have you ever wanted to prescribe an exercise and couldn’t remember the name? Or wanted to send an athlete a video of an exercise for them to remember how it looked? Or have you been prescribing specific exercises for a while, only to forget about them a few months later? Most templates are made of the squat, hinge, push, pull, and carry categories, and you often have to think about which exercise to use and which variation to include. ExLib solves all these issues at once.

ExLib is an exercise library excel tool that includes an overview of strength movements and grinding and ballistic movements. Exercises are divided into Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk & Core, Jump, Speed, Mobility & Stretch tabs. Each tab includes a detailed overview of the exercises and their variations, as well as a quick overview table for easy reference. ExLib also includes common abbreviations used in strength and conditioning terminology to help users communicate more efficiently. With over 1350 exercises neatly organized in an excel table, ExLib will save you many hours in your training planning.


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Let’s have a more detailed look at each tab!


Under the strength movements (lower, upper, core & trunk) tabs you can find:

  1. Strength movement type (grinding, ballistic)
  2. Equipment used (barbell, dumbbell, landmine, etc.)
  3. Video link to YouTube
  4. Pattern (squat, hinge, accessory, Olympic)
  5. Movement (squat, split squat, lunge, step, etc.)
  6. Contraction type focus (dynamic=concentric, isometric, eccentric)
  7. Body part (upper, lower, trunk/core)

We have also included common abbreviations used in strength and conditioning terminology to help you and your athletes communicate more efficiently. A quick overview table in both the lower and upper body strength tab provides a quick reminder of the equipment, limbs, movements, types, muscle shortening types, and options you can use. All of this can be modified to suit your needs.

Similar information is provided for Trunk & Core exercises.


Under the jump tab, we have included all the jump (and land) types of exercises that are most used in strength and conditioning. The exercises are divided into categories such as:

  1. Type (jump, land, low reactiveness, high reactiveness, bound, hop, and continuous)
  2. Video link to YT
  3. Orientation (vertical, horizontal, lateral)

On the right, we have a similar overview table as with the strength training tabs, which provides an overview of different jumping (and throwing) exercises, including the limbs used, direction, pre-movement, position, focus, rep type, dominant muscle contraction, contact, hand position, box height and hurdle height.


Speed includes linear and COD types of movements. Linear exercises increase in intensity from warm-up and acceleration to maximal speed. Similarly, COD movements progress from warm-up to technical to maximal COD.

Mobility & Stretch

Under this tab, you can find exercises that include animal movements, dynamic mobility, stretching, and self-massage variations.


Here you can find exercises that include different conditioning variations using different equipment such as sleds, treadmills, bikes, rowers, ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells and more.


The final tab includes the testing of different physical abilities. This tab will continue to expand as more videos are created. Currently, it includes testing protocols for strength, power, jumping, speed, COD, and energy systems.

Wrap Up

The current version of the ExLib includes over 550 lower body exercise videos, 290 upper body videos, 135 trunk & core videos, 240 jump videos, 100 speed videos, and 70 mobility & stretch videos. In total, there are over 1350 exercises with equipment, classification, body part, and movement neatly organized in an excel table. Since creating the ExLib in its original version back in 2018, I have already saved myself many hours writing training plans. I firmly believe that this product will save you many hours in your training planning that you can use elsewhere.

Get the ExLib here >>.

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