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SuperTrening centre is built for athletes. Here they receive everything they need to reach their full potential and gain the competitive advantage.
What can SuperTrening do for you?


We offer different options, based on your needs:


Individualised training for athletes who want to become more robust and resilient for their sport. It takes into account their current level of abilities and skills and the specific needs of their sport and position. With regular quality training they compete better, lower the risk for injuries and is constantly improving! Different programs suitable for all levels from youth and amateur to elite professionals at the top level. We provide every individual with what they need!



Rehabilitation is based on individual approach. Every athletes is unique and every injury is a little bit different than the other. First we do a thorough assesment of current situation, have a look over the medical documentation and the current state the athlete is in. Based on that we build a training program. Goal is the full recovery and return to sport on an even higher level than before the injury. Athlete or not – if you have pain or injury, this is for you!



Training for all the recreational athletes and people, who hike, ride a bike, run, play tennis, golf, basketball or something else and want to do that pain free and feeling good. Being physically prepared affects your general well-being and making your job easier and offering you a better experience of your life. We provide quality training that allows for rapid progress and foremost a safe way to train. Raging from individual 1on1 to semi-private 1 to 4 ratio.


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Where are we?

SuperTrening – zavod za šport, trening in usposabljanje

Ljubljanska cesta 3a, 3000 Celje

+386 40 688 736 (Domen)
+386 41 976 119 (Miha)
+386 40 626 889 (Robert)

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Our team of experienced coaches and sport scientists will gladly answer all of your inquiries and find a solution for your needs.

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