A short presentation of our team:

The beginning of SuperTrening in 2019 was a collaborative effort between Domen Bremec, Miha Drobnič, and Robert Simonič.  It is not just another training center; it’s a private sanctuary for athletes looking for tailored programs, support and athletic development. We are also proud to be able to collaborate and support the local clubs. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge sport science equipment, conducting comprehensive testing and data interpretation and advancing coaching education. SuperTrening’s vision is clear: to become the #1 facility of its kind across the entire region. At SuperTrening, we don’t just follow trends; we set them.

Currently in 2023 our team consist of 3 partners and founders as well as 3 other coaches who help us serve our clients and our community!

Robert Simonič, B.Sc. Strength & Conditioning

Formally educated strength & conditioning coach with over 15-years of experience in working with athletic physical preparation and late stage rehabilitation. Has worked with athletes who have won medals on the biggest stage such as European or World championships. Experienced in working in individual sports such as judo, alpine skiing and cycling as well as team sports such as football (soccer). Specializes in late stage rehabilitation and return to play protocols. He has helped numerous athletes as well as general population after surgeries and injuries to return to their sport (or job) prepared as ever. Owns a plethora of certifications and qualifications ranging from training, rehab to nutrition. Doesn’t value many of them. Expert in conditioning and energy system, author of different software solutions such as Interval Training Calculator, Macro Nutrient Planer and Turner Test – all of them can be purchased here. Has organized a few different conferences and lectures in the field of sport performance, training and sport science and brought highly regarded coaches such as Mladen Jovanović, Mario Tomljanović and others. Written a number of articles on training and rehabilitation. Continuously expands his knowledge with attending training conferences worldwide from Portugal, Spain, Austria and more.
×Head of Rehabilitation & RTP at SuperTrening,
×Author of many software tools to plan and analyze training (ITC, MP, TT)
×Presenter and speaker at different events on training topics such as conditioning (Beograd, 2019)
×Specialist for rehabilitation, injury, and pain
×Interdisciplinary connector of knowledge and experiences with MDs, surgeons, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and other coaches in the field of sport science and sport performance.

Domen Bremec, M.Sc. Sport Science

Holds a master’s degree in Sport Science from GIH, Stockholm, Sweden. He has international experience with physical preparation of athletes from both team as well as individual sports. He has expanded his knowledge and gained experience in the better part of Europe in countries such as Sweden, Germany, and Spain as well as Asia as the head strength and conditioning coach of handball national team of Bahrain. His passions in the sports science world are topics relating to speed, power, and explosivity training as well as a training philosophy. He constantly strives to find the connection between science and practice, mostly in the field of speed, sprinting, and jumping – everything explosive. He has also presented at different conferences, camps and meetings. He also co-authored a published article on heavy resisted sprinting titled “Four Weeks of Power Optimized Sprint Training Improves Sprint Performance in Adolescent Soccer Players“.
×Head of Performance at SuperTrening,
×International experience with physical preparation, sport performance and strength & conditioning at the highest level from  countries like Bahrain, Sweden, Germany and Spain,
×Experienced in working with different age groups – from youth to elite adult level,
×Worked with clubs and players from the elite European leagues (Bundesliga, Elitserien, etc.) and international teams competing at the World Cup and the Olympics,
×Cooperation with foreign coaches and companies in the field of sport science technology and training,
×Article “Four Weeks of Power Optimized Sprint Training Improves Sprint Performance in Adolescent Soccer Players” is available here.

Miha Drobnič, M.Sc. Physical Education

Holds a master’s degree in physical education from University of Ljubljana. Specializes in biomechanics and kinematic analysis. In his master’s thesis he has done an in-depth look into the biomechanics of a handball shot. In his desire for excellence he constantly educates himself in the newest trends from strength & conditioning field. Furthermore, he is an expert for elegant Excel solutions as well as performance testing and measurement.
×Head of Research & Development at SuperTrening
×Expert in biomechanics and kinematic analysis,
×Experience in physical preparation of developing youth as well as professional adult athletes,
×Sport science equipment developer (force plates, timing gates, force sensor),
×Collaborates with Mittuniversitet (Sweden) on Sintec and iCoachU project.


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