2020 februar

19 februarja 2020

Density Training: How to test, perform and analyze your training 

Recently I posted about my training on social media and I got a few questions about it. So here it is in more detail.

I am known as a numbers coach and trying to be based on science. But I admit, I rose up through “bro-science” and I don’t think that is all that bad. Let me explain “bro-science”: somebody is performing one type of athletic training, let’s just say lifting in a gym, and he is doing a workout that is known just to him. At, the end of some period, he got some positive results out of it (No shit, it happens) and he claims that this is THE workout, and he is the special one among all the others.

16 februarja 2020

Dr. Inigo Mujika: Learning from the worlds best in sport science

As many of you know, a few days ago I was on a lecture by dr. Mujika from Spain. He prefers to be acknowledged as Basque. Professor who introduced him to us, said that he was asking a lot of questions regarding the independence of Slovenia during the ride from airport to faculty.